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List of Intercom alternatives 2020

List of Intercom alternatives 2020


The intercom was founded in 2011, boasting more than 25000 customers in 117 countries and has been growing since then. This platform supports around 500 million conversations per month and had been doubling with rapid growth.

Intercom is one the fast growing customer engagement software which is used by businesses worldwide. Recently, they closed a funding round of $125m and growing at a rapid pace and is being called as “Next Generation Sales Force”. This means everything in the SaaS industry. The fund raised would be used for further developing customers platform.

The pricing policy

It is a expensive software meant mostly for premium customers. The charges are based on the number of contacts and penalizes for growing website visitors and users.

A 14-day free trial is available. Companies such as small teams, early stage startups, those with small user base, or new customers who meet qualification requirements are eligible for a flat rate of $49 a month for up to one year. You can contact the vendor for details. The following packages are offered:

  • Respond: from $53/month – Manage conversations with leads and customers at scale.
  • Engage: from $53/month – Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time.
  • Educate: $49/month flat rate – Create, organize and publish help articles
  • Live Chat for Sales (powered by Respond + Engage): from $106/month – Capture, qualify, and nurture leads to convert them to customers.
  • Customer Engagement (powered by Engage): from $53 /month – Send targeted messages to onboard users, make announcements, and re-engage people.

Customer Support (powered by Respond + Educate): from $102 /month – Solve customer problems faster with an integrated help desk and public knowledge base.  

Intercom’s position in the market:

Intercom is one of the top 3 customer experience management software products.

Intercom is one of the top 10 customer support software products.

Intercom is one of the top 10 help desk software products.

Intercom uses stripe for online payments and chases failed credit card payments by setting up chaser emails.


It is one of the traditional marketing and sales platform that deals using a form and follow ups. It connects businesses with leads in real time. Drift uses bots to deal with visitors and also identifies the sales rep to be assigned.


ABM (Account Based Marketing) –

A new dashboard account where target account can be managed. To add an account sync with salesforce or manually. Once added or synced all the information for the designated account will be available.

With Drift all the activities like who visited your website, every conversation with a VIP account, meetings booked and much more. All these information is provided.

Sequence –

This helps the sales rep create an amazing buying experience for their potential customers. It helps the sales rep send emails to the customers. They have reinvented sales email services.

Drift sequence let’s the sales rep connect with their potential customers, when they visit your website. It works on machine learning and natural language which allows easy opting out.

It also includes sending smarted emails by analyzing the behaviour of the leads and avoid repeats emails with a customer.

Email Marketing –

It gives a fewer emails and a faster buying experience. It helps with a real time conversation at sale. Now it will be easy to delight your customer.

Put an end to annoying emails send very often accidently to the lead who are already engaged with sales with smart filters. You can also check the ROI on email activity and any kind of marketing email can be sent.

Chatbots –

  • Leads on your website without using forms.
  • Booking meeting for sales.
  • Conversations can be based on your routing rules.
  • Bots are available 24/7.
  • Booking Meeting for VIP leads.
  • Bots answers the questions based on your knowledge base.

Meetings –

  • Never get double booked
  • Meeting management
  • Efficient meetings

Integration –

  • Sales force
  • Slack
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Full story
  • Knowledge base
  • Madkudu
  • Shopify
  • Zendesk
  • Stripe
  • Poptin
  • Front
  • Gro CRM
  • Desk.com
  • Hipchat
  • Mautic
  • privy

The pricing policy

Standard – $50 per month (engage more leads)

It includes:

  • Custom greetings
  • Live view site visitors
  • Email sequence
  • 1000 active contacts
  • 150 emails per day

Additional  $25 per month for 2 seats.

Additional $10 per month for 1000 contacts.   

Pro – $500 per month (automate your funnel)

It includes:

  • Bot playbook
  • Automated meeting
  • Push activity to CRM
  • 1000 active contacts
  • 150 emails per day

Additional  $50 per month for 5 seats.

Additional $10 per month for 1000 contacts.   


This customer support service was started by a young man in a remote area of India (Jalandhar), with very little money.

It was founded in 2001 by Varun Shoor, a drop out from college. He began coding at the age of 13 and had built kayako when he was just 17 years old.

It has a help desk software and customer service software that helps business grow more productive and build customer. Even though not having much of a external investors Kayako worked just fine which is a rare thing in SAAS startup and now it has around 131000 customers already.

Kayako allows companies to connect with their customers at a better level, while providing them real time services. Companies can install a simpler form of live chat services and drastically use it a lower price.

There can be multiple conversation at once and can also view who has replied who is typing and who is online.

No message will be missed now, since a customer can start a conversation even when your team is not online. If a customer steps away and does not see the message an email is sent on that regards for the same message. And if the conversation was left mid way your  customer can pick up the conversation from there itself.


A modern messaging software –

It has created an ease with which you can message your customers.

Follow your customers –

Use kayako on your mobile website or integrate SDK into your own apps. Embed it in your mobile app for mobile messaging and in app support.

Help center –

Provides live chat services on your help center.

IOS and Android –

Embed into your mobile apps for an integrated experience.

Measuring performance –

All the activity by your customer can be tracked like log page views, orders, history, help center searches or events conducted for your own product or services.

Team analytic –

use the feedback and know how your team deals with it.

Customer satisfaction rating –

with customers rating improvement if required can be done.  

As per kayako 46% prefer live chat services, and 45% feel they won’t get the support they need in a reasonable amount of time.

Kayako provides self services –

If a customer doesn’t want to talk kayako does it for them.

Let your help centre with the insights into what customers are looking for and how self servicing can help them. Customers are happy of they can find an answer to what they are looking for.

Few customers might not have an idea to what they are looking for. Kayako understands the real language of the customers and try to understand what they are looking for to give a better answer.

The help center available 24/7, even if your team isn’t.

The modern help centre includes-

  • Content management
  • Help centre comments
  • Full content localization
  • Internal help centre
  • Rich articles
  • Article attachments
  • Help centre article tags
  • Article statutes
  • Article keywords
  • Proactive answers
  • Full customizations
  • Requests

Social customer services –

Engage customers through Twitter and Facebook easily. Turn followers into customers.

  • Unite multichannel conversation
  • Get closer to customers
  • Turn customers into promoters

Integration with kayako –

  • Zapper
  • Webhooks
  • API
  • Kayako apps  

The pricing policy

inbox – $9 per agent/month (for small team)

team – $15 per agent/month (for small team)

growth – $29 per agent/month (customer service software for growing teams)

scale – $59 per agent/month (customer service software for growing large teams )


Easy to get started it is integrated with customer support services with live chat with screen sharing and live video.

It helps your customer have an easy way to contact. Customers can find the help desk at the bottom of the page.


Customer live chat –

  • Video calling
  • screenshots easy
  • Share attachments

In app surveys –

Customerly makes it easy to conduct a survey with unbelievable competition rate. The surveys are delivered instantly to the audience by Customerly widget.

Email campaign –

It is easy to use and customisable templates are available to express yourself in different ways.

Analyzing these campaigns for better optimizations of your marketing goals.

Marketing automation –

Automate your communication with your customers. Choose who enters your automation and create an audience based on those customers.

  • Email message: send customized emails to customers
  • Widget message: send in-app messages on web and mobile app
  • Wait until: add a wait condition in case the customer doesn’t satisfy the terms and conditions.
  • Wait time: add a time to stop customers for an amount of time.
  • If else condition: splitting the flow depending on the condition.
  • Leave point: add a leave point when customers wants to leave.   

Integration –









Google analytics



Click send



G Suite

The pricing policy

Customer support live chat  $49/month/10,000 Emails (free forever upto 500 emails)

It includes:

  • Unlimited conversation
  • Unlimited teammates
  • Mobile app included
  • Lead acquisition
  • Video call
  • Screen sharing
  • Screenshots sharing

(30 days free trial and no credit card required)

Email marketing and automation – $59/month/10,000 Emails (free forever upto 500 emails)

It includes:

  • Customer intelligence
  • Easy email and template builder
  • Unlimited sending
  • Create unlimited automations
  • Include custom data
  • Unlimited send

(30 days free trial and no credit card required)

Survey and satisfaction: $39/month//10,000 Emails (free forever upto 500 contacts)

It includes:

  • Deliver survey by widget
  • Instant survey replies
  • Customer satisfaction feedback
  • Monitor feedback based on segment

Customer intelligence: comes free with every package

It includes:

  • Create unlimited audience
  • Export audiences
  • Import audiences
  • API integration
  • Analyze audience
  • Unlimited event, attributes and companies


Remaze combines email, social media, mobile and chat conversations so smoothly to reach your customers however they want. Customers conversations can be easily managed from multiple storefronts and websites no matter you have one or hundred of them.

Start a conversation with your customers and build better engagement in real time even when you’re not at your desk. Customizable office hours to fulfil the need of the customers. Remaze helps to  preview the customers message before hand while typing to stay a step ahead.


Live dashboard –

Keep a track on live customers as they visit your website and engage them by sending messages directly.

Personal insights –

Gather customers date to keep them engaged with your team. Pull the data from 3rd party apps and integrate your own app data through SDK.

Satisfaction survey –

Conduct a survey to know your team’s effectiveness.

Multi Brand –

Manage support sites for multiple brands.

Team presence –

Keep a check on when your team is replying to the customers.

Freedom without any hassle –

Download the mobile app and receive notifications for direct message from the customers.

Integration –










Google Analytics



Click send



G Suite

The pricing policy

Basic – $20 per team member/ month

It includes:

  • Unlimited email inbox
  • Social media integration
  • Sms integration
  • Basic reporting and analytics
  • Workflow automations
  • Website integration
  • Live chat

plus – $40 per team member/month

It includes:

  • All the basic features
  • Manage multiple brands in one account
  • Live view
  • Advance reports
  • Customizable staff roles and email templates
  • Custom hosted domain
  • Customer ratings


Chaport is a modern messenger that makes your communication more easy and convenient with your customers.

Talk to your website visitors in real time, solve there problems and increase your sales. And for this you do not need to be online all the time. Chaport will reply to the customers in form of an email from any location.

Increase your sales by having more conversation with your customer by sending them automatic chat invitation.

Chaport is available for  IOS, Android, Web, Window, MacOs. Synchronizations is available between all the devices.


  • Sending of files – send files to your visitors.
  • Typing insights – read the messages even before they are receives for faster response.
  • Saved replied
  • Visitors information
  • Multilingual chat widget
  • Customization of the widget
  • Chat invitations to visitors
  • Group chats are accessible
  • Reports regarding the chats

The pricing policy

Sign up for free

$9.80 per operator/ per month (when paid annually) $14 when paid monthly.

The service includes

  • Unlimited registered operators, chat, history and websites.
  • 5 operators online at same time.
  • Notifications
  • Group chats
  • Offline messages
  • Reports
  • SSL encryption
  • Browser app
  • Window / MacOS apps
  • Iphone / Android mobile apps

Payment method accepted PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa and MasterCard.

Convert fox

It helps the sales, marketing and supports team to communicate with the customer.


Live chat –

It help turn leads into customers. Start a communication with the customers and visitors proactively. Make users take action and use customized message based on user behaviour.

Live user profiles –

Provide support to the customer by understanding the activity data such as name, location and more.

Saved replies –

Can give a quick response by inserting canned responses.

Get your entire team on board –

It provides with a shared team inbox to manage all the chats and emails.

Email marketing –

  • Create email campaigns
  • Segment users based on interest
  • Deliver emails with total control
  • Gather powerful campaign reports

User analytic –

Covertfox autotracks the clicks, form submission, page view, and more without the coding required.

  • Track very action
  • Segment users by their action
  • View live customer profiles

Track custom events –

You can also track a custom events that convertfox doesn’t track automatically.

 The pricing policy

Basic – $59/month/ 21 days free trial

It includes:

  • User segmentation
  • Live chat
  • Email campaign
  • Manual event tracking

Pro – $79/month/21 days free trial

It includes:

  • Everything in basic
  • Marketing automation
  • Automatic event tracking
  • Advance reports and insights
  • Priority support

User engage

Send automatic messages and build a new relationship easily. Easy way of communicating.


Live chat –

  • In app messaging
  • Unlimited proactive invitations
  • Customizations
  • Mobile app
  • Notifications
  • Chat messages as emails
  • Default replies
  • Automatic assignments
  • Agent groups  

For sales and engagement –

User tracking –

  • Filter
  • User behaviour
  • Device and social media information
  • List and tags
  • Dynamic events
  • Custom events and attributes
  • User timeline
  • API
  • Contacts import/export

Analytics and dashboard –

  • CRM statistic
  • Track aggregates sales
  • Conversion impact management
  • Number of registrations over time
  • Number of ongoing conversations
  • Number of total visits
  • Users of each segments
  • Companies for each segments

Email marketing –

  • Campaign
  • HTML templates
  • Tracking and testing
  • Set a cooking from link
  • SMTP
  • IMAP integration
  • A?B test
  • Clicks and open emails

Call centre –

  • Automated calling
  • Calling from user profile
  • Record calls
  • Scripts
  • Receive calls


  • Deals
  • Activites
  • Companies
  • Workflow integration
  • Permission management

List of all the interactions used by user engage

  • Page views
  • Email click
  • Events
  • Email subscription
  • Chat messages
  • Forms filled out
  • Notes
  • Email send and opened
  • Phone calls and sms
  • CRM deals and activities

The pricing policy

Basic – $48/month

It includes:

  • Marketing automation
  • Pop up forms
  • Website user tracking
  • Website form tracking
  • User segmentation

Standard – $76.80/month

It includes:

  • All the basic features
  • CRM
  • Mailing system
  • Online chat

premium – $86.40/month

It includes:

  • All form standard
  • API access
  • Mobile SDK
  • Analytic
  • Call center

Just funding is not the only reason why Intercom has been  growing but its growth in the number of customers in the past few years

Intercom has a very strong presence in the United States and Ireland and plans on expanding the workforce by 500 employees.

It’s in app messaging is fantastic i.e the engagement rate is high, read rate is great and user love the usability of it. It also provides with Gmail extension. It is fast to get started with. They give you a code to paste into your apps page and make a default assumptions of what you wanted to track. Example – login, signup.

It provides with easy integration with your product or website. Third party integration also allows to easily integrate other tools with Intercom. It also helps to segment users according to their actions they have taken on your app, location, signup date, last seen date, etc. It gets easy to send emails having all of this information.

Messaging automation is super easy and it works really well. All the actions on your website can be tracked, which means you are given the entire history.

The UI/UX designs keep improving. Therefore preparing a newsletter gets easy.   

Features :

In app messaging :

It is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. Intercom takes care of every details of your customers to provide them with a best experience every time they interact along with a up to date messaging app.

The conversation seems real and customers feel more connected. The important thing here is that customers should choose the services accordingly.

The messaging app should be

Modern i.e it should be free of all the the outdated tools and should be easy to use.

Flexible i.e choosing the perfect app messaging for any kind of situations so you can serve your customer best.  

Personal i.e trying to build real relation with your customers.

Multi Platform i.e  a good experience for your customers wherever they are web, IOS and Android.

Intercom makes sure while communicating with the customers, they are able to express themselves. They even show customers the profiles of the team so they can feel that there is a real person on the other end. It’s important to build loyalty with the customers.  

Operating bots

These bots can be annoying at times since they try to answer your questions like they are human, but they help to make your task easier as well so you can focus on important task human can only do.

Operating bots include certain skills:

Differentiate the sales and support conversations –

Make sure to separate the support and sales conversations. Identify the existing customers and try to bring them to your website and create new leads for sales.

Qualify leads –

Try to get the customers informations and create leads in salesforce.

Schedule meetings –

Focus more on the best leads.

Answers the users quick –

Do not make the users wait too long. You can also provide them with a suggestion to read few articles based on their questions.

User experience –

Close the conversation and feedback from the users so a better experience can be provided.

Collect contact information –

After closing the conversation try to get all the details about the customers.

Try to get the customers feedback so if there was anything missing and improvement can be made.

Intercom for mobile :

As the Intercom app is installed everything can be tracked in your app including your users. You can also segment your users and get details about the users company. Try to keep your users engaged.

You can also create and launch campaigns in minutes without any help of engineers.

  • Target the right customers through your email.
  • Choose the right channel and compose your message.
  • Measure the results.

An in app help center helps to get easy and quick answers to your problems.


Intercom makes it very easy to integrate with the tools users are already using.  Few of the popular integration Intercom provides are – Slack, Segment, and Salesforce.  

Other integration tools –



























Microsoft teams





























Intercom API

Make intercom works as per your requirements with the flexible API, webhooks and tools.

Freedom to build everything you need –

Everything is synced

Sync all the data with Intercom and other tools.

Create efficient workflow

Have custom integrations to make work easier and more efficient.

Analyze data

Collect all your data and aggregate with other sources for in depth analysis.

Intercom helps you manage your inbox from anywhere. Conversations can be easily viewed.

A new conversation can also be started. Send a new message and respond to a customer through mobile device. You can also search the new leads and deal with the existing users. Everything that is needed to deal with a customers is provided by Intercom.

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