Turn users into power users

Use targeted campaigns on the Web, Email, or WhatsApp to make announcements, push campaigns and re-engage people that slip away.

What makes our Engagement Solution different


Send the right message to the right people

Easily segment people based on behavior and send them the perfect message.

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Target Specifc Users
Multichannel Engagement Campaigns

Engage your customers on their preferred channels

Send relevant campaigns via the
Web, Email, or WhatsApp.

Unlimited conversations

Automated Messages

Send messages manually or automatically based on user behaviour

Manual Messages are sent separately, they don’t watch the real-time behavior of the users.

Auto Messages keep an eye on the users, if a user meets the behavior criteria it executes.


Measure and improve performance

See the number of visitors, conversations, and leads you get by source. Find drop off points with chat funnel metrics.

Do More with BigRadar

Retain customers with faster support

Earn the trust of your customers by quickly resolving their queries on Web and WhatsApp.

Acquire customers and grow revenue

Capture qualified leads from your website, run ads that click-to-WhatsApp, and close deals on BigRadar.

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