BigRadar Messenger

Give users the most pleasant chat experience ever

If your customers would like a professional, fast, and visually appealing way to interact with you, they’ll love BigRadar.

Why a great Messenger matters

Improves CSAT

With a messenger that allows you to give fast support anytime and anytime

Reduces Support Cost

Automated and fast customer resolution

Faster Growth

Engage different segments at the right moment and increase conversions

We are collating statistics on the exact impact created on these metrics for our customers, coming soon.

What makes our Messenger different

Excellent User Experience

  • Easy-to-use for customers
  • Aesthetically pleasing visuals
  • User details are not asked upfront, hence peak-conversion performance
  • No recurring pop-ups
  • Engage targeted segments differently
Easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing
Easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing
User segments and triggers

Specify segments and timing triggers

Target messages in context and when to trigger them from whom – like leads versus customers.

Easy To Setup

If you think you’ll need a lot of time, tools, and technical support to customize this Messenger, think again. You can make it your own with absolutely no code. It’s fast, flexible, and fully configurable to your needs.
Intuitive No-Code Setup
Mobile App

Handle queries wherever you are

Chat with your customers using iOS, Android or the Web.

Free up your team’s time with chatbots

Support customers and acquire more leads from your website with both live chat and chatbots.


Delight Your Customers And Grow Your Business

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Easy setup | No credit card required | Unlimited conversations