Engage With Your Cusomter With Email Marketing

Engage with Email

Send more personalized emails than ever before to your customers based on 100s of behaviour events.

Auto Campaigns: Preset the campaigns and let BigRadar handle them while you are enjoying your holidays in the Bahamas 🙂

Manual Campaigns: Of course, you can send emails to your user base by segments and other parameters

BigRadar will never let your
visitor go out of your reach

Customers can start conversations at any time, even when your team is not online

If your customer steps away and doesn’t see your message, BigRadar automatically sends messages to their email where they can continue the conversation.

Chat Conversations Continue

When your customer goes back to your website, they’ll be able to pick up the conversation in the live chat widget there too.

No need to start the conversation all over again, and no need for your customer to repeat themselves.

BigRadar Works With Your
Favourite Tools

BigRadar can help you build great bonding with your customers,
even if you are away from your website.