Email Campaigns

Grow your revenue with Email

Qualify leads, engage and support your customers easily with live chat and chatbots.

What makes our Messenger different

Email Deliverability

Land emails in Inbox, not Spam

Maximize email delivery to your inbox, and prevent messages from ending up in the spam.

Campaign Scheduler

Plan and schedule emails

Plan your email campaigns in advance and streamline your email marketing.


Higher relevance.
Higher conversions.

Encourage action by sending targeted messages automatically triggered by a visitor’s behavior on your website.

Target Specifc Users
Email Analytics

Remove guesswork in optimising your campaigns

Track your email marketing performance, build upon what works and eliminate what doesn’t.


What if email is the wrong channel?

Some users don’t take action on marketing emails β€” and that’s okay.
Use BigRadar to serve such customers on Web and WhatsApp instead.


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