Support customers personally, at scale with BigRadar

Increase customer satisfaction and gain efficiency with a modern help desk that integrates live chat, chat-bots, multiple channels and self-service.

Our help desk product at-a-glance

Team Inbox

Manage support requests from all channels in one place

Automated Support

Spend time solving complex problems, not answering repetitive questions

Live Chat

A fluid, fast, and fun support experience for everyone

What makes Our Support Solution different


Move fast and stay personal

A collaborative team inbox provides with all the tools you need to support customers faster and smarter.

1. Chat across multiple channels 
2. Assign chats easily
3. View live customer profiles
Live Chat

Easily support customers 1-to-1

Saved replies

Send common replies fast

Chat on the go

Use the iOS, Android or Web App

Modern Messaging

Typing indicators, read receipts, emojis, GIFs and more.


Automate resolutions and accelerate your team's efficiency

Answer common question instantly with support chatbots.

Chat Funnel Metrics

Measure performance and plan ahead

See the number of visitors, conversations, and leads you get by source. Find drop off points with chat funnel metrics.

Complete Customer Service with BigRadar

Acquire customers and grow revenue

Capture qualified leads from your website, run ads that click-to-WhatsApp, and close deals on BigRadar.

Support Faster and Reduce Costs

Earn the trust of your customers by quickly resolving their queries on Web and WhatsApp.

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