Team Inbox

The best team inbox for sales and support

Assign, reply, and close conversations across your website, in your apps, email, and social.

How the Team Inbox looks
Key Features

Respond faster and right with full context

Live Customer Profiles

Add fields most relevant to you in Quick View and always have the right context on each user

Live Customer Profiles (3)

Saved Replies

Send common replies fast

40+ Customer Fields

Track customers with attributes

Chat on the go

BigRadar’s mobile apps let you view, manage, and respond to conversations on the go.

Built for teams

Team Collaboration Made Easy

Assign Conversations

Manually assign conversations to the right team mate


Group users with tags and use tags for various campaigns


Mark conversations as unassigned, pinned, open and resolved

Built for teams

Make setup easy for your team

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Save time with templates
Setup in less than 5 minutes
Multichannel Chatbots

Get more efficient with chatbots

Support customers and acquire more leads from your website with both live chat and chatbots.


Measure and improve performance

See the number of visitors, conversations, and leads you get by source. Find drop off points with chat funnel metrics.

Chat Funnel Metrics

Elevate your support game today

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