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Live chat and chatbots

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โ€œThe organic website leads we get via BigRadar convert 300% more than leads from our paid ads. Itโ€™s an astonishing difference!โ€

Senior Sales Head, FlexiSpaces


More Leads, 24x7

Boost your Website Lead Conversion Rate

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Automate parts of your customer facing processes on Web and WhatsApp

Reduce Support Cost

Improve CSAT, reduce First Response Time all while reducing cost

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What makes our Chatbot different

BigRadar captures more leads

BigRadar qualifies leads conversationally and doesnโ€™t force users to give contact details upfront. Our chatbots convert more.

Multichannel Bots

Build once, deploy anywhere

Make your chatbot flow once and switch between channels with one click.

Proactively start friendly chats

Encourage action by sending targeted messages automatically triggered by a visitor’s behavior on your website.

Auto Trigger Chats
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Never lose context and collaborate easily in Inbox

Have a complete view of every customer and collaborate with your team easily in the Team Inbox.

Measure and improve performance

See the number of visitors, conversations, and leads you got by source. Find drop off points with chat funnel metrics.

Chat funnel metrics

Automate parts of your business with chatbots

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