WhatsApp Banking: Your Next Big Move

Superior banking services powered by AI & ML

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    BigRadar is the official WhatsApp partner for Gujarat State Co-operative Bank, All India Chess Federation, and many more

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    Automate end-to-end banking services
    and retain customers

    Disburse Loans

    Let your customers view, apply or check loan eligibility, pay installments & calculate interest

    Deposit Process

    Automate sending e-statements, checking account balance, interest, etc

    Easy Transfer

    Guide customers to add/ update beneficiary, check transfer limit and more

    Intelligent Advice

    Let AI intelligently suggest where to save and where to spend with expense analytics

    Personalized Banking

    Offer personalised banking solutions to increase customer engagement and retention

    Capture Leads

    Engage, qualify and convert leads through intelligent conversational ads

    Drive Sales

    Make lead generation seamless through conversational ads and retergeted campaigns

    Answer FAQ

    65% of customer’s queries are repetitive. Let a chatbot take care of them so your agents can work on critical tasks

    Detect fraud

    Auto-detect fraudulent calls through sophisticated IVR technology

    Customer Support

    Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across 35+ text and voice channels

    Critical Insights

    See your business critical data come to life through visually represented graphs and charts


    Notify customers on loan due dates and overdue to ensure timely payments and provide frictionless way to pay back the installments

    What you can do with WhatsApp Banking

    Lead Generation

    Aquire new customers with ads that Click-to-WhatsApp

    • Run ads on Instagram and Facebook that invite viewers for a conversation
    • Automatically collect each user’s name and number when they start a conversation
    • Qualify leads by asking them questions with a chatbot
    • Let your sales team close pre-qualified leads
    Run ads that go to Whatsapp
    Customer Support on WhatsApp
    Customer Support

    Scale your Customer Support

    • Automate FAQs answers
    • Reduce 50% Customer Support cost
    • Jump-in chat anytime and reply personally
    • Build flows easily with drag-and-drop
    • Chat from Web, iOS or Android App
    Team Inbox

    Easy Team Collaboration

    • Assign conversations to team members
    • Set conversation status
    • Manage customers with tags
    • Answer chats from your Website or WhatsApp in the one inbox
    Shared Team Inbox
    Multichannel Bots
    Multichannel Chatbots

    Publish the same chatbots on your WhatsApp or Website with one click

    No extra cost. No need for different tools. 

    WhatsApp eCommere

    Integrate your products and sell through WhatsApp

    • Upload your inventory to Meta
    • Connect your catalog to BigRadar WABA
    • Set the Commerce settings
    • Share your products with customers (using single-product and multi-product messages)
    • Manage customer responses
    Sell on WhatsApp
    Targeted Campaigns on WhatsApp
    WhatsApp Campaigns

    Engage Specific Customer Segments with WhatsApp Campaigns

    Run surveys, request feedback, and execute marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.


    Measure and improve performance

    See the number of visitors, conversations, and leads you get by source. Find drop off points with chat funnel metrics.

    Chat Funnel Metrics

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    Sunaina, Customer Success
    Sunaina, Customer Success

      What makes Our Support Solution different


      Move fast and stay personal

      A collaborative team inbox provides with all the tools you need to support customers faster and smarter.

      1. Chat across multiple channels 
      2. Assign chats easily
      3. View live customer profiles
      Live Chat

      Easily support customers 1-to-1

      Saved replies

      Send common replies fast

      Chat on the go

      Use the iOS, Android or Web App

      Modern Messaging

      Typing indicators, read receipts, emojis, GIFs and more.


      Automate resolutions and accelerate your team's efficiency

      Answer common question instantly with support chatbots.