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Looking for better customer support and experience of the product. Well, We understand Drift is not serving on its promises. Their “AI” hardly works.

Most of the Drift overrated features comes with many bugs and questions on the reliability of the product.

You won’t find it easy to cancel your subscription with Drift.

G2 is leader in SaaS product reviews, here is the example of what its user says.

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Best alternative Drift is

Modern interface for Live Chat on your website

BigRadar makes is easy for customers to communicate with the business. The entire conversation experience becomes very personal without any annoying behaviour of the technology. The BigBot (our chatbot) encourages customers to start a conversation with business and qualify more leads automatically.

Engage with Email

Send more personalized email than ever before to your customers based on 100s of behaviours.

Auto Campaigns: Preset the campaigns and let BigRadar handle it while you are enjoying your holidays in the Bahamas

Manual Campaigns: Of course, you can send email to your user base by segments and other parameters

Everything on one screen

BigRadar keeps it really simple. You don’t have to switch multiple screens while talking to customers. You get the entire information about customers while speaking to them.

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