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When it comes to evaluating software, we usually compare the features of each software and decide the competency-based on features.

But it is not true in most of the cases, features are important in order to understand what software is capable of but we cannot understand the flow until we use it.

Let’s not talk about features, Let’s talk about why we use live chat software?

We use software not because we want to use them but because we have a process to automate or increase the efficiency of the process.

When we want to talk to our website visitors/ users in real-time that’s where the live chat software makes its space.

And the more people you talk to in business through any medium the more you clear their doubts about your service / product and the more they are willing to buy it.

The entire experience from visitors to becoming customers really matters. How you are talking to them, what kind of technology is being used and an easy to reach flow you are offering them.

The Objective of Live Chat Software

So, the ultimate objective is to achieve maximum efficiency and easy to reach flow, so your customers can find a really simple way to reach you without any kind of barriers and they also should know how soon they can expect a response back.

Now Let’s talk about, how it helps in achieving that objective of your business. is free to everyone software which has a freemium modal. It charges when you go for their premium features.

But, Let’s get back to basics. It’s not about what does, It is about what kind of experience a customer is getting while they’re reaching out you. cannot reach back to customers smoothly if they came to your website, left a message and no one responded. It is more likely to happen that people visit websites anytime even when you’re sleeping, you cannot respond them back when you wake up. It’s gone by then.

A simple statistics say, 99% of visitors leave the website if they don’t get a response in the first minute of a message.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why do companies pay for live chat services when is free?

Those companies put a lot of effort into bringing the audience to their website and so the visitor becomes most important for them. They don’t want to miss any chance of losing that visitor. The premium live chat software provides seamless communication experience & engagement tools which enables them more chat conversations with visitors. Free tools do not provide features like Chatbot, Email engagement when visitors drop the website, etc.

Q2: Do provide in-app messaging?

No, You cannot implement to in-app messaging with

Q3: Can I filter the visitors and send them an email in

No, they do not have that feature. But you can use


Modern interface for Live Chat on your website

BigRadar makes it easy for customers to communicate with a business. The entire conversation experience becomes very personal without any annoying behaviour of the technology. The BigBot (our chatbot) encourages customers to start the conversation with business and qualify more leads automatically.

Engage with Email

Send more personalized email than ever before to your customers based on 100s of behaviours.

Auto Campaigns: Preset the campaigns and let BigRadar handle it while you are enjoying your holidays in the Bahamas

Manual Campaigns: Of course, you can send email to your user base by segments and other parameters

Everything on one screen

BigRadar keeps it really simple. You don’t have to switch multiple screens while talking to customers. You get the entire information about customers while speaking to them.

Start your free 14 days trial today!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. We will check the feasibility and add Tawk import tool soon. Keeping this on priority in our list now onwords 🙂

  1. Thanks for the feedback. We will check the feasibility and add Tawk import tool soon. Keeping this on priority in our list now onwords 🙂

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