How to integrate chatbot with your CRM

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As we know, a CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Whether it’s a startup, a small venture, or an established enterprise, they’re all looking to improve their CRM strategy.

The use of CRM system is used in the manufacturing industry, consumer industry, health care or financial industry.

What business problems does a CRM solve?

  • Data Problems
  • Sales Management Problems
  • Workflow Problems
  • Customer Service Problems

Problems faced by CRM –

  1. Undefined objectives –

Setting an objective is utmost important. It can be a short term or long term goal, whose progress can be measured through a CRM.

An objective should be set with a timeframe along with concrete measurement metrics which a business can easily monitor.

But, there are companies which fail to set a clear objective which limits the chances of monitoring the progress on the CRM’s ROI.

2. The right handling team –

CRM requires a core team to guide, monitor, evaluate and adjust implementations accordingly. The progress needs to be monitored by the senior executives, top management, sales and marketing team etc.

This team is required to be trained as to how a strategy needs to be implemented and what points needs to be evaluated.

This can be a difficult task for a company.

3. Poorly designed CRM –

A poor UX design can affect the performance. The employees can work more efficiently with an effective tool. The employees might waste their time figuring out how specific parts of the system works.

Since one customer service operator may get 100 or more queries per hour, the response time for each request is crucial. In short, bad CRMs can lead to bad customer service.

This can cause a slow response times.

4. Application management –

Re-adjusting staff’s work culture around the turned out CRM plan and mapping as needed with the equivalent to the progress.

This includes empowering clients and end users to take part in everyday exercises utilizing the CRM application not as an alternative.

The executives incorporate surveying the idea of tasks, assessing the outcomes by looking at them against objectives and altering the procedures.

Benefits of Using a CRM Software System Integrated with Chatbot –

  • The interaction with the clients can be improved.
  • Chatbot saves time for your customer support team.
  • Chatbot can make your task simple with a quick response and can handle the complex clients inquiries.
  • It can improve your customer services since chatbots are integrated with messenger apps as well.
  • Your customer base can increase, without increasing the number of staff.
  • Chatbots are available 24/7
  • The cost of hiring people is reduced since fewer staff is required.

(TIP – To solve these problems, you can automate most parts of your customer support services by allowing chatbots to field questions in place of customer support operators.)

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