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When we talk about lead generation, automatic technology is a convincing tool that indicates more to be done in less time frame.

All you do is build it up and let it perform, the next part is taken care by the Bots.

A well-developed Chatbot improves your conversation with the customer with the ability to reach a huge amount of people leading to growth in your business.

If the bot is programmed efficiently, you do not have to worry about human errors.

There are several ways to incorporate bots in your digital marketing agency.

How to generate your first 100 leads

1. Identify your potential customers

Be crystal clear about the client you are planning to target. Gather entire information about the lead before implementing your marketing scheme.

(PS – This information can be collected from Tools provided by Google – Adwords, Analytics, Search Console etc.)

2. Gather information on the competitors

Collect as much information as you can on the competitors from the same industry. knowing your competitors can work on your advantage.

3. Create a marketing funnel

Customer acquisition funnel

Once you have determined the target zone and gathered all the required information. When you know who you are focusing on and have decided how best to contact them, you need to have an arrangement for gathering contact data.

This process includes funnelling all the prospects to a standard form or landing page so that it encourages them to share their contact information by either providing them with some value added services.

In order to keep a track, you can have a client relationship with the executives (CRM) database that will assist you with monitoring potential clients through the procedure.

4. Leverage Social Media to Connect and Engage

Make efficient use of social media. It can make a huge impact. If done correctly social media can change the face of your business.

5. Use an Email Newsletter to Build Relationships

Now since you are in contact with the customer, it’s time to build those relationships in order to make actual sales or repeat sales. One of the ways to remain in communication with your leads is through email marketing.

6. Improve your website

Nowadays, shoppers and B2B purchasers, the same find new organisations via looking through on the web. That implies your site needs to do some hard work to draw in new clients. Give your site a quick overview to ensure that the structure, substance, designs and SEO are modern.

7. Create Blog

They are typically rich content posted on a website in the form of a post. If your blog is of high quality, you can ask other websites to publish your blog and thereby generate leads and backlinks to your website.

People need some satisfaction from buying your product or services. Position yourself as the answer for the customers.

Provide value and establish yourself as having an in-depth understanding of the problems they are looking to solve.

As long as you have a structured sales funnel setup, you will be able to convert the leads into paying customers. Provide compelling messages through different sources, to make the customer realise that they are not wasting their money choosing your product or services.

Show customers you understand their pain and can help make it go away, faster and cheaper.

Important tip – Don’t forget to follow up. Great customer services can go a long way for your business venture.

Generate leads from SEO through chatbots

A chatbot is a good addition to your SEO. Using a chatbot can improve your SEO ranking, but only if it enhances customer experience on your site.

With the advancement in technologies, your customers’ demands have also changed. Using digital marketing to drive traffic to your website won’t be enough. It is important to keep your customers engaged on the website.

How to generate leads from SEO through chatbots –

  • SEO architecture should be optimised

If your chatbot is successfully designed and implemented, and if it delivers the right information or an answer to a query, it will prompt the user to stay on the website.

  • Provide personalised user experience –

To ensure loyalty from your customers and build a relationship, you need to work on the marketing strategy to their needs and preferences. By providing them with highly personalised experiences, you will inspire them to buy from you and even come back for more in the future.

  • Link to important pages via chatbot –

To improve the time a customer spends on your website it is important to expose different pages on your site and urge them to dive deep into the site. A chatbot has the ability to understand the user’s question and figure out which page on the site is apt for the search. Hence, utilising chatbots to connect to various pages on the site gives the client an awesome encounter by driving them to the solution to their inquiry easily. What’s more, it supports SEO by keeping your clients on the site a short time longer.

(PS – Since there are a lot of factors to be considered here I will be talking about this in details on my next article)

How does a chatbot help in lead generation?

It is important to catch the attention of website visitors. There are so many different marketing tactics using a chatbot.

You can utilise it as a lead sustaining gadget.

When somebody enthusiastically messages your chatbot, you’re ready to keep sending them supportive and educational messages with an end goal to sustain them into causing a buy or marking to up for administrations.

This can be an incredible asset on the grounds that it’s a considerably more straightforward type of one-on-one communications.

Chatbots can be a real game-changer for the sales process.

The ways chatbot can help generate leads:

1. Understanding your audience

Selling a product can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the interest of the customers. Chatbots can take over here to know what customers are looking for and provide them with appropriate options.

The first thing a chatbot does after a simple setup is to greet the leads as they arrive and remain ready in a responsive state.

Chatbot ensures that a customer does not have to wait for the response while the sales rep logs in to help them.

With the data that chatbot collects it enables you to identify the product interest, likes and dislikes of the consumer. This improves the lead engagement.

2. Identifying your audience

Segmenting your audience is an important consideration. Your chatbot can segment the audience based on the data it collects. It does so on many factors like demographics, interest, age etc.

This can be exceptionally effective since it focuses on the crowd with a fitting arrangement.

Chatbot has been a great source of lead generation since they are not pushy and always consider the preference of the customers.

3. Active engagement

A chatbot is a user-friendly way to interact with the customers. The response rate with a bot is quick, which means the customer does not have to wait long before seeking a response from your end. This implies a quicker reaction to clients and more fulfillments.

By analysing the flow of communication, a chatbot can deliver targeted content to your customers.

This can be beneficial as it becomes easy to recommend a product to the customer.

With the help of chatbot the subscribers are also provided instant support, this gives a sense of relying on the particular brand.

Chatbots works as customer support, so as to fix any issue with the shopping experience or the account.

Active engagement with customers can create a lasting relationship. With customer support services with chatbot the chances to increase the lead generation is higher.

4. Forms replacement

Filling out these forms can become tedious for the customers. A chatbot can replace these in a very effective way to generate leads. Users find it easy to give information in reply to an answer.

If user details are gathered within the conversation, the user goes further. This creates friction and streamlines the data collection process for you.

Build a chatbot that can ask any user’s name, email, phone, address and more.

By providing autofill options, you can make the customer do less typing, hence, fasten the detail giving the process too. This can boost lead generation strategy for the website.

5. Educate the audience –

Without knowing about the item, the client won’t get it. This can be made simple with a chatbot. Many organisations are using a chatbot to educate their clients.

This makes the blog perusing a lot simpler. By simply entering the term you need the blog to peruse, you’ll get the articles in no time flat.

Chatbots let clients locate the substance you’ve on your site without any problem at all.

Chatbots let users find the content you’ve on your website easily.

If you’re a blogging platform, your bot can provide the feature to a user to simply type “Content Marketing” to get posts about Content Marketing.

Benefits of using a chatbot –

  1. Support availability anytime – Operational 24*7 and 365 days
  2. Managing possibilities – Can simultaneously handle any amount of requests
  3. Low maintenance costs – The number of support staff bare minimum
  4. Higher engagement and sales – 45% higher CTR
  5. Integrate lead bots on all web platforms – HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Wix etc
  6. keep track of data – Analyzing consumer data and Insights

What feature makes chatbots so special in a lead generation process?

  1. Use a Pre-Chat Survey
  2. Welcome a New Visitor (Or a Returning Visitor)
  3. Collect Leads When You’re Offline by Using Chatbots
  4. Engage Users When They Want to Leave the Website (Or Abandon Their Shopping Cart)
  5. Generate a Lead When an Operator Doesn’t Respond
  6. Allow Your Visitors to Order a Phone Call
  7. Engage a Visitor Who Leaves a Form


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Conclusion –

There are a lot of misconceptions that a chatbot can replace humans. A chatbot is an addition to your team of sales reps since they have a lot of repetitive tasks for them.

The main goal with a chatbot is to provide a seamless user experience for the customers. Positive user experience can boost your engagement and conversion metrics. This is where the link between SEO and chatbot marketing is created.

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