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Meme marketing is trending. 

What is meme marketing you may ask? 

Meme marketing is a powerful tool used on social media, which can be in any form like video, content, Giphy image, etc. The content on meme marketing tends to become viral on the internet if preferred by the people, which is the motive of doing meme marketing. Meme marketing is using fun ways to engage people on social media.

A good number of people spend most of their time on social media rather than television. This group of people mostly belongs to youngsters. Being an inexpensive method and an effective one it works in the favor.

In this article, you’ll discover how your business can use memes to engage and connect with people.

How can memes help your business?

When people are surfing through the internet, their motive is not to look at the advertisement. Rather the time spent on social media is entertainment or desire to know to keep up with what others are doing and if something new has been done.

With the recent statistic stated by Data backed, that people spend about 100 minutes on social media to bring brands to the advantage of using these platforms. Memes marketing adds wit and humor to do that just right.


1. Netflix

Netflix has a sub-account named ‘Netflix is a joke’ on the social media platforms. This platform is used to create memes marketing for followers. Here is a fact though – Netflix creates memes from the shows they have created. They use their own content as a basis of the joke which keeps the audience engrossed.


Video Meme Marketing

Disney had created video memes for the audience with their shows and also mixes them up with the memes that are viral. This step by Disney has gained mass-engagement on their social media platforms because they cater to their audience according to geo-location.

3. Baskin Robins

Some memes require more creativity. Good starting points to build your meme could include watching out trending topics, movies or TV shows, celebrity gossip, etc.

Here’s an example of popular ice cream brand Baskin Robbins riding the wave of the launch of the iPhone that was heavy on the pocket.

Why Meme-Marketing? 

Memes enable the brands to associate their brand with a clever video or image along with a catchy or humorous content to bring more impact to the brand’s image.

Memes never go unnoticed, since nobody can resist a funny image. With the 3 billion people using social media, at least 60% of them use it for content that’s funny. 

Meme marketing can also involve email marketing –  

Example – 

Sending an interesting meme on email may improve your chances of some interaction with the audience.

Benefits of Meme Marketing

1. Memes Are Inexpensive Content

Memes are content that might have been already created by other people, so you don’t always need to create original content. 

You can use the existing images by adding new captions or a humorous twist to it. 

2. Memes create a Community

They can create a sense of belonging because the audience can relate to the situation through the image or video shared and everyone is on the same joke.  

If your effort can make the audience laugh, the followers will remain attracted and they will start relating to the brands. As good as your meme is it will create a brand image for the audience. 

3. Improves the shares on content

Memes are supposedly shared, so the content is often reposted across the internet to reach and even wider audience. This makes your brand name travel a lot further than anticipated. 

4. Memes Create Brand Relevancy

Since the Memes are created according to the current trends or events, it makes your brand look more real and modern. The content shared with meme marketing brings a community together around a common interest and makes your brand look more relatable. 


  • Know Your Audience – The meme should be relatable to your brand and audience. 
  • Use an Appropriate Tone – Create Original Memes if needed. 
  • Develop a Great Taste for Using Humor – The meme should not be offensive to humans. Try to keep it to the brands.
  • Include Your Brand in a Meme – Develop Your Meme Library 
  • Memes can be hit and miss.

Memes have been existing for a long period of time and have grown in popularity. The meme related content tends to get viral on the internet showing across various social media platforms.

Now there are more people than ever creating and consuming memes online. Memes are being used as an effective method of marketing their brand, whether big or small.


Gucci takes a dip into the ever-dangerous world of memes to promote its watches.

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has played a risky game by referencing the in-flux and volatile world of memes in a campaign promoting its line of watches. 

Tip – Use your best judgment while creating a meme. If you don’t find the meme you have created is interesting then your audience might feel the same. Surf through more and more existing memes to get a hold of it.

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