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A solid marketing strategy is important for any kind of business.

Whether it’s an offline store, saas business, or a coworking space, if you’re going to start your business without a marketing plan, you are most likely to struggle even to survive.

Today’s post is about marketing your coworking space.

We will discuss the marketing plan and share a complete checklist that you should keep in mind before starting your coworking space.

So without any further ado, let’s start…


1. Good Website

First thing first. Having a good and attractive website is a must for your coworking.

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No doubt, the coworking industry is on rising and after covid, it is rising even faster than ever.

As per a study of Coworking Resources in collaboration with, the world’s biggest coworking listing platform shows the below stats:

Coworking Stats Worldwide -

It means there is a lot of competition and if you want to survive, you need to differentiate. And your website is the place where you can show that difference and your USP.

Your website should be simple and very easy to consume with all the important details your customer may need before making a decision.

You should add testimonials on your website and they should be genuine because when they’re not, visitors can tell.

You should add images of your center.

You should add pricing plans.

and all the other things.

2. Social Media Presence

In today’s time, having your presence on social media platforms is as important as having a great website.

The reason being everyone, every single person is on social media platforms.

Social Media Presence -

Linkedin, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the places where today’s consumers spend most of their time.

Social Media Users Global Stats -

The above stats clearly show people love social media platforms.

It also builds your authenticity and brand value.

You can attract new customers and also keep engaging your existing customers.

Constantly uploading images and events on Instagram and Facebook will help your potential customers to remember your brand.

Facebook campaigns can be game-changing for your coworking since people are already spending time there.

3. Partnerships & Listings

There are so many coworking aggregators in the market.

These aggregators get the biggest share of leads in the market.

Partnerships with them and listing your coworking space on their portal can unlock an even bigger market for you and help you fill your space fast.

Partnerships & Listings -

These aggregators work on a commission basis. Even though they charge a certain percentage of deal size as commission, this is still a win situation for you since you didn’t spend a single penny for generating that lead.

4. Google Ads or PPC Campaigns

No one can deny the fact that Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. Everyone uses Google for searching almost everything.

Running campaigns and ads on Google for your coworking space can be the best decision you’ve ever made.

It will put your coworking right in front of your potential customer. What can be better than that?

Google Ads & Paid Campaigns -

Yeah, sometimes google ads can be quite expensive but it is totally worth it to spend on them. It is like an investment and in return, you will get loads of leads.

Isn’t it the main motive of your marketing campaigns, to generate leads?

5. SEO Optimized Your Website

Okay, so paid campaigns are fine and help you generate quite a good number of leads but your website should be optimized enough to attract organic traffic also.

Meaning, you don’t want to generate leads only when you are running paid campaigns but you also want to keep generating leads even when you’re not doing anything for marketing at all.

SEO Optimisation -

I know it seems quite a fairy tale but yeah it is totally possible if your website is optimized for SEO.

Optimizing your website for SEO is not rocket science. It is quite simple and you can do this by yourself also. You can also hire a digital marketer to do this for you.

6. Chatbot On Website For Lead Generation

Running paid campaigns and optimizing your website for SEO can help you get a good no. of visitors on the website but what after that?

How will you convert website visitors into leads?

The answer is a conversational chatbot.

Yes, you heard it right. A conversational chatbot has all the abilities to engage your website visitors and convert them into leads by collecting all the necessary information for you.

With the help of BigRadar Conversational Chatbot especially made for Coworking Spaces, you can convert your website visitors into leads.

Lead Generation Chatbot -

BigRadar chatbot collects all the required information like the requirement of the customer, their email address, contact no., preferred locations, and so on and helps you close the deals even faster.

Isn’t it amazing?

7. Host Events

Hosting events can bring an instant audience.

Events are the best way in those initial times to spread awareness about your brand.

You can invite freelancers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and so many other professionals.

Hosting Events -

These people are your actual potential buyer.

Having all of them under a single roof will definitely make a difference and help you create your brand value and spread awareness.

These people can see your center, feel the ambiance, and get to know you, you can offer them discounts and other offers as well.

This is your chance to show what you’re going to offer and how it’s gonna be. It’s up to you now how you can get the most out of this.

8. Attend Seminars & Conferences

There are a lot of seminars happening around the globe in almost every niche.

In coworking also, there are so many seminars, conferences, webinars, workshops, etc. gets conducted around the globe like Workspace Conference London and Coworking Europe Amsterdam every year.

Workspace Conference London -
Coworking Europe Conference -

You should attend these events. These events have various benefits:

  • You can get to know what is happening in your industry — the latest trends.
  • You can market your coworking by spreading word of mouth.
  • You will definitely end up generating a few good leads for your business.
  • You can build a solid network of professionals and no need to say that network is everything in a business.
  • You can meet Investors.
  • You get to know the need of the market
  • and so on…

9. Listing On Google Maps

Listing on google maps is a must nowadays.

We already talked earlier about why having your presence on Google is super important. Google Maps are no exception.

Google Maps Listings -

Listing your coworking space on Google Maps is super helpful. It has several advantages:

  • You can drive more traffic to your website since people nowadays use google maps for searching almost everything.
  • Keywords like office space near me or coworking near me are in trend.
  • You can showcase your coworking by adding images on google maps.
  • You can add opening hours on google maps. It will help your customer avoid disappointment and they will see a closed sign when your center is not open.
  • It will help you build your reputation through reviews.

10. Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers are similar to coworking aggregators except coworking aggregators are working dedicatedly for coworking spaces and real estate brokers work in all the real estate segments.

Your benefit in this?

As I mentioned real estate brokers work in every segment of the real estate industry including coworking spaces.

Real Estate Brokers -

You will not get a lot of leads from real estate brokers but they bring big corporate clients. So if you’re able to close maybe 1–2 leads through these brokers, it is good enough for your coworking business.


Key Takeaway

Okay, so, here are a few quick tips that you should follow before you start your coworking space. Having a good SEO-optimized website is a must. A lead generation chatbot. Few partnerships and collaborations with coworking aggregators and real estate brokers. Listing on google maps. And you’re all set.

Let me know in the comment box below what you doing to market your coworking space.

Also, if you have some other ideas for coworking marketing, don’t forget to pin them here.


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